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What is a local native?

A Local Native Plant is a species which occurs naturally in an area (ie it was known to grow in the area before European settlement).

Why do we do this?

Growing and conserving local native species helps to conserve the biodiversity of our area by ensuring species survival, providing habitat to native animals and helping to preserve the unique character of our area.

Who grows the plants?

All the plants are grown by volunteers at the City of Burnside’s Biodiversity Nursery. We use only local seed or cutting material to ensure conservation of our local genetics.

Do we grow and give away other native plants?

Local native plants may not fulfil all of your garden needs. Other non-local native plants are available from commercial nurseries. Non-local natives can also provide habitat for native animals, but they do not contribute to the conservation of our local flora.

City of Burnside also offers residents, schools and community groups a voucher of up to $75 for advanced native trees. Vouchers can be redeemed at participating nurseries. Find out more

Where do we plant them?

Most of the plants we grow are planted in City of Burnside urban reserves, creek lines and hills face reserves by our Parks and Biodiversity teams.

Can I plant them on reserves?

Residents are not permitted to plant on Council land.

Can I plant them on my verge?

All verge plantings must be approved and be compliant with Council’s Verge Policy.

You can submit a Verge/Road Reserve Landscaping or Planting Application.

How do I make a donation?

This year all donations collected by City of Burnside as part of the giveaway will be forwarded to a nominated environmental community group to help volunteers care for our wildlife. You can make a donation via PayPal or credit card when you place your order.

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